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So I finally got my Burschur FMIC installed last night, this job really took a lot longer than I had planned. I found the Burschur kit to be kind of a mixture of really high quality parts, and occasional poor attention to detail. For example, the piping is really nice looking polished stainless steel tubing - that was full, I mean full, of crap left over from the polisher. Cleaning that out took about 2 hours in a solvent tank with a long brush. The kit came with nice T-bolt clamps - one which was too large to fully tighten (for some reason 2 1/2" t-bolt clamps are in real short supply here in So Cal as I found). The IC core is real stout looking, but doesn't have a lower mounting bracket (Scott over at SPF tig welded a mount on for me, now it's rock solid). It didn't come with a P/S cooler, I bought a Fluidyne and mounted it on a custom bracket in front of the AC compressor.

As far as performance, my car seems to run strong, although I currently have my stock cats and boost as a remnant of a warranty water pump change so I haven't had a change to really hammer it. One thing I can say is that turbo lag with the new setup is seemingly no worse than before, which seems hard to fathom. With the larger core and big pipes I was expecting the worst, but I ran repeated tests at low RPM/high gear and got positive boost pressure immediately, just like before. To say I was relieved would be an understatement!

I'm sure by now that most folks who bought a Burschur FMIC have probably already installed theirs, but if anyone hasn't I have a ton of pictures of just about every stage of the process that I will share if anyone needs to see a prior installation. One of the most difficult parts was the trimming necessary to the front fascia to clear the IC pipes, I really could have used a template for this - a picture could be helpful here. That is definitely the low point of the design, although I have to say that IMHO it looks pretty badass with the polished piping visible in the front.

I'd like to thank everyone who responded to my earlier posts for the coolant overflow bottle Q, ps cooler, etc, etc. The feedback really helped.

97 6-speed
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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