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OK, I’m finally installing my Buschur FMIC (with an additional bottom mounting tab welded on...heh) - thanks to everyone who has responded to my earlier posts about this. Now I’m wondering about the best way to go with the radiator overflow tank. I bought the small replacement tank from JMT that looks like it can be squeezed (barely) between the d/s headlight and the battery. Or, I can make up a bracket and relocate the stock tank under the p/s headlight like HKS does.

So a question to you HKS FMIC owners - how do you inspect/adjust the coolant level on your cars with the tank in that location? That location seems the best from a weight balance point of view, but servicing seems like it would be a PITA.

Is there any other place to locate the small tank other than between the battery and headlight? I’d hate to have a spill there…



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Hey Bob!!

I din't know you were right down the street from me.

I work over by Stillen/John Wayne.

The battery/headlight location is the best! I have it there on my car with the Greddy 3-row FMIC kit.

I'll be at the Supra/Lexus meet tonight ...see the post.

It's at 6:00 in the Marie Calenders shopping center on Culver & Irvine Blvd.
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