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buying a mkIV

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im 18 and am about to sell my mr2 and want take out a loan and get my dream car, 93.5-98 TT. how much will i prolly spend for a decent condition/ mileage supra and what will i be looking at insurance wise. thanks
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At 18, your insurance will be OUT OF THIS WORLD!:cylon: For a TT, I can't see anything lower than 20's- 30+ for low milage ones!
I dont agree with the other reply. Im 18 and I drive my TT for less that $100 a month full coverage. I also dont agree with the price. I bought mine with 42k miles its a 95 and I got it for $18k
what insurance do you have?
Hey have you sold your MR2?? My buddy is looking for one and i was just wondering.
where do you guys find these prices??????????? im 18, getting a car pretty soon (then agian, i said i was getting a car pretty soon when i was 16. lol) im thinking of getting a Lexus SC300 (because its much cheaper, and i cant find any supras), turbocharging it and later down the road buy a 6-speed and slap it in (then again, im not even sure if you can do that, YET!!). Traffic is pretty wretched in southern cali so i wont mind driving auto for some time. :) if anyone is willing to sell their supra around (perferably under):)D ) $16k then plz email me. [email protected]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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