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I´ve been looking and test driving a 94 Supra.

A couple of questions that popped into my mind are:

Does a normal/healthy tranny generate a whining (alltough not loud) noise at idle (heard from outside), when clutch is released, and not when depressed? Also when driving the car in 1st and 2nd gear u hear tranny sound (inside). At above 20 Km/H (~12 Mph) it´s gone.

The car I´m refering to felt healthy otherwise, I don´t know if the above is a problem or if it is normal.

And do you guys have any more advise to a Supra buyer?
Anything to check before buying. Any normal faults that can be checked out before buying the car?

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my 94 is pretty far as what to look out for buying a new car.well anything can be fixed so i dont understand why some people shy away from a car because of a small mechanical problem.just work it out in the price with the seller.only thing that cant be fixed easily anyways is rust.check everywhere for rust.if its rust free then dont worry about a whine noise.eventually the tranny gotta be rebuilt anyways, gives you good excuse to do the entire thing and have it run like new.

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It's probably the flywheel center section (or the throwout bearing). If the car has more than 60,000 miles, it's probably getting pretty worn. It will be fine until the clutch starts slipping (when you go BPU :) ). You will probably be able to get all the parts you need and the labor for about $1,500. You may want to use this figure in your negotiations. Or better yet call the local Toyota dealer and get a quote from them for a new flywheel and clutch. Their number will be higher than mine, but it would be valid to show the seller.

Later, Steve
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