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David Geiger
Kissimmee, FL
Paypal, cash, gold, silver etc
[email protected] <-- paypal addy

PM is best contact.

I have a Borg Warner High Flow series (Boost Labs)

I am asking 750$ plus paypal fees shipped.
I made 809hp at 32psi with plenty more to go. I am on a 3.0L 2JZ. It does have some lag, but I was seeing full boost around 4k to 4.2k rpm.
It is a fun turbo and I enjoyed it very much, but have upgraded. So I no longer need it. It does not burn any oil. Very reliable turbo.

I also am willing to sell the drewgo manifold as well and the Precision Wastegate. I don't have set prices for those, as I am only really needing to sell the charger for now. but I will entertain offers on the manifold and wastegate if people have interest.

I appreciate you looking. Feel free to ask me what you need to know.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts