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was wondering if anyone has used this turbo on there 2JZ?
im thinking bout getting 1 but changing the rear housing from 1.32 down to something like 1.00 or 0.96
im sure i would be able to find a housing this size and get it machined to fit??

it comes std with a 74/105.3mm front wheel and an 88/95.6mm rear wheel
how would this turbo spool up on a 2J with a good manifold like full race and port work with possibly 1mm oversize valves??

how much would spool change if i opted for the 80/115.8mm compressor wheel?

the car it would be going on is running a 3spd c4 auto with stall undecided yet
i guess im asking if i could get this turbo on good boost (20-25lb) between 5000-5500rpm with the smaller rear housing??

fuel being used will be roughly 109-110RON as im in Australia

only thing is that the turbo isnt a BB turbo but have read a few of the SP threads and they have had a non BB turbo spool up quicker than smaller BB turbo
pretty sure it was around a 1400hp turbo that done this

thanks in advance

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I've never personally had experience with the S400, but have done some testing with the S200 and it made [email protected] with boost right above the 4k mark not tuned for spool up on a stock head B18c(1.8L) GS-R motor. These things act a lot like a ball bearing turbo and seem to be proven! I say give it run and be the first!
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