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Where is that site that had the strap that goes around your chest and seat to hold you in place? I think it was only about $15..? In leu of a 5 point harness.

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G force Torso Harness

IMO .....a bad idea,

Simpson harness:bigok:

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While on the topic of potentially bad safety-related ideas...

What are people's opinions of the Hutchens device?
Thanks Jeff:D

Hutchens Device

You sure have perfect timing....I just received the
March issue of SportsCar magazine (SCCA) today. In an article
about both the HANS and Hutchens explains how
both are similar, yet designed & built differently. They don't
trash one or the other...just show how both can be used to
protect the driver in severe frontal impacts.

In case some don't know, the Hutchens consists of two straps that run vertically down the driver's back, beneath the body, and connect into the lap belts. 2 straps run horizontally around your body to stabilize the device. Worn kind of like a women's
has 2 straps that connect to the helmet.

My opinion? Having never used's hard to say. I did
consider buying one last summer while waiting for my first HANS to be delivered. At $300 for the's not a bad price
to pay.

If anyone is curious about the HANS...just ask.

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I see Jeff read beat me to this but then he is a "real" road racer:D Yeah I saw the article in Sports car too. Sounds pretty simple and if the data is correct could be very valid to prevent certain injuries in some situations. Jeff , did you spring for the HANs? You are serious (and smart too)
Barry H.
HANS Device

Like hundreds of other racers...I ordered my HANS device
the same week that Dale was killed. I had been thinking
about ordering one for a while, but this really made my
mind up. When I first called Hubbard/Downing about buying
one I was told 4-8 problem, I'll wait. About 4 months later my HANS was finished. I then had to send my helmet in
to have the 2 clips installed. After waiting a long time for it
to finally came. :)

Our first race using the device was Jan. 13th and it worked
perfectly, no restricted head movement at all. After having shoulder surgery about 20 years ago, I always had a little
soreness in my left shoulder from pulling the belts down
as tight as they would go. Using the HANS applies pressure
over a larger area, so for me...I really like it. Even though
it was $1300....I feel it was well worth it. About the price
of 2 sets of tires.....but will hold it's value a lot longer:eek:

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I've heard that some racers find the HANS device restrictive, and it makes it harder to get out of the car in a hurry (like, in a fire). Have you had any problems getting in/out with it on?

The Hutchens device has generated quite a bit of controversy. Some people swear by it, because it's cheap and approved by NASCAR to do the job. Some claim that it's a lot less restrictive than a HANS device. And some think it might be more dangerous than nothing. I guess if this was an exact science then it wouldn't be fun.
Jeff, you said you think this is a bad idea? Why? I have a 98 and the seats arent made for a 5 pt harness like the older models and this looks like it would work on keeping you from sliding in the seat. Not for protection but just for ease when autoxing or road racing for fun,,
Maybe Jeff is wondering about the torso strap in the event of a crash which is an unknown when combined with the regular restraint system. Sure a four or five point harness is better and I plan on going that route after the roll bar install. I used the torso strap at Road Atlanta and really liked it for keeping me from having to brace myself in turns. I was getting tired of having a sore left knee for a week after track events (loading against the door). I commented on liking it and believe Andi bought one too now. Helps you stay planted in your seat a lot better so you can concentrate on your line better.
Barry H.
Thanks Bwill, that is what I was thinking.

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