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Can bent rim cuz tires to blow up? I have 18x10 w/ 285/30/18 BFG ta kd tire on my passenger rear side. My tire just blow up on me today while i am getting gas. It blowed up on the freeway once before today. The AAA guy told me something about bubble inside the tires. It just make a very loud sound and flat all the way in a sec. I am not sure if my rim is bent but i cant think of anything else unless tire warehouse did something wrong when they were doing wheel & tire balance.

BTW, anyone know any shop repair bent rims arond LA, Orange County area?

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If you hit something hard enough to bend your rims, you can likely separate some of the belts/threads that make up tires. That can cause a bubble internally or externally.

Im not sure why you'd keep blowing up the same tire unless you kept hitting it. As far as having your rim repaired, I'll be having mine polished and re-powder coated through Custom Wheel Service in Anahiem in a few months, ask for Paul 714-632-6700.

Good Luck!
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