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I've been looking for manufacturers for some time now, but only found a few:Ted's TODA

Can you guys please help me find more and also tell what works and what not. I've seen engines using stock cams and making awesome power, what are their specs and what about the N/A cams?

I was looking for a strong gearbox for my Volvo 240 Turbo and found one from a MKII that been used for Rally-Cross. Bought it and got the car and engine (in boxes) for free if I just got it out of there, so I did. Not too long after I blew my 8-valve 2.3L and glanced at the 24-valve 3.0L since I stil needed to build a new engine, and bigger is better.. Turns out to be a 7M-GTE rebuilt for a N/A racing class! It was not too different from this: Australian N/A

BUT: This has 35mm intake valves and 32mm exhaust valves and 32mm solid lifters! :) (How do I see if it's a real TRD-head?) 6x48mm thottlebody and Electromotive EMS.
Thought is to use this and a twin T03/04 Super 60 setup. Should run by spring..

I've never built on a 7M before so please comment if something seems not so good or if you have any tips or trix that might help!


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10.0mm on both (measured on cams...) The intake-cam is a custom billet and has a different lobe design from stock and has "LEO 113" stamped in the end. This cam wasn't hardened enough though so some of the lobes has ground themself down (this led to a rodbearing failure from all small metalpieces in the oil). This is why I'm looking for new cams or a billet one. The exhaust-cam seems stock. Where can I get info about Schieders like you're using?


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Yeah, right!

Nope, it's all going into my little black volvo... but with some "minor" mods like 4WD... :D

I'll keep you in mind next time though!

//Christian Nielsen
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