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Can all gauges be reused?

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I'm new to the whole gauge crap and was wondering if you can reuse all gauges?

What I mean is can you reuse the probes for the EGT gauges?

What about other gauges such as fuel pressure, oil pressure, Air/fuel?

I know you can reuse the boost gauge but I'm not sure what is required to hook up all the other gauges and whether all the parts required can be reused.

These would be Greddy electronic gauges!

Thanks for the help!

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Um.. why wouldn't you be able to reuse them, it's not like a gasket or anything that will deform.
I know it is a stupid question but I just wasn't sure if anything was not reusable like the probe.

If all will be reusable then that is great!


It's reuseable until the sending unit goes bad. EGT sensors don't last forever due to all the constant heat they get. Other sensors should last 10 years or so.
this is a question i was wondering about too but in a different aspect....

i swapping engines and need to reuse my autometer EGT came with a white washer that seemed special it was like dont touch with hands blah blah blah.... when i took the probe out of the old manifold that washer like disintegrated....

so where can i find a replacement? and.or can i use something else to replace it?

thanks guys
Heh, mine never got that far. Mine broke up while trying to put it over the probe. I would assume that its to seal the hole better.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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