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I would like to get anyones opinion on this set up for my 95 SE. So far I only have a head unit the Pioneer DEH-P9300.
I am wanting to know if anyone uses pioneer speakers in their cars and how they perform. I am not looking for anything ground shaking just something that sound good.
I am thinking about getting the PioneerGM-X364 300 watt amp and a 12" kicker sub with it also.
If you do have any of these please tell me how it performs?
Also if yu have Pioneer speakers tell me how they sound and what kind you have?


P.S. I am not looking for something expensive or cheap just something in the middle.

thanks again for any help or opinions...

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IMO, Pioneer do not sound the best. They are a low end speaker. There are many mid lines you can go with, Alpine and MB Quarts are two of my top picks. I would run away from there amps. You will not be happy with the sound. I would look into the mid line Alpine, Kicker,or PPI amps. Hope this helps

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My cousin also has Alpine in his 3000gt and it sounds great.

Okay then could you give me an idea on which amp and speakers to buy.

I want the amp to be a min of 300 watts to a max of 400 watts

I also do not want speakers that cost over a hundred dollors if possible. Speakers a litte above average and below top of the line.

Again just something that sounds good not a ground pounder.

thanks again

I am sort of new to the audio scene and I do not know too much about them but I have never heard of Rockford Fosgate.

How are they compared to an Alpine?

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I recently installed a pair of Pioneer (TS-A1765) 6-3/4" speakers in my doors. They are one of Pioneers better speakers, but I wasnt expecting a lot out of them yet they still surprise me with how well they sound in the Supra. The compression horn tweeter performs extremely well for the highs and there is plenty of mid's and mid-bass. I have them running off of 50 watts per speaker and I have 200 watts going to a 10" IDQ sub in the back. I also have the stock rear speakers disconnected. Im not really into expensive/competition level sound systems but I like a good sounding system and I am very pleased with the TS-A1765's. I had to modify the door panels slightly to get them to fit (they are much bigger than the wimpy 4.5" stock speakers) What was nice is that they come with an adapter ring that I was able to use to mount the speakers right to the door panels and it worked out very well.
here's a pic of the Pioneers..


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Speakers and AMPS performance (not reliability) can only be judged through experience, while one person may enjoy the deeper sound of JL speakers(good for hard rock,rock) others will chose Boston or MB quart for thier warmth and clean reproduction (excellent for classical fans, or big band styles) and some people want it all and go for Diamond Audio or Focal. For speakers go to every possible car audio shop and listen to every speaker you can get your grubby little hands on! Bring your own CD and don't be afraid to ask what's in thier demo vehicle and check that out, most shops have one specifically for the purpose of showing off what thier products can do.

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I went to three different audio stores today and I decided on going back to the first one I ever went went to which was an Alpine dealer. I purchased the SRS-1629 6 1/2 for the front and the SRS-6939 6x9 for the back.
I also purchased the MRV-100M 240 watt amp for my car also.
I would like to thank everyone for for posting on this.

If anyone has any of the things that I just bought in their Supra please tell me how it sounds.
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