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The biggest no-no that people catch themselves doing is unbolting the head from the block improperly. If you simply unbolt the head one bolt at a time, you will surely warp the head. Toyota specifies an un-bolting sequence for the head to ensure it doesn't warp when you unbolt it. I really hope you didnt just unbolt the head the first time, or this could be a problem. As for retorquing the head... 58lbs has been known to be a problem as too little torque to maintain adequate pressure over time. I set my head with 75 lbs of torque using ARP head studs when I completed my rebuild just 2 weeks ago. You should torque to at least 70 lbs, and I would make 3 passes up to that amount. If you're at 58 currently, go for 60, 65, then 70. It takes a little longer, but patience pays off.

More than likely you'll end up pulling the head to check for straightness, but it's always worth a shot to re-torque first.

good luck bro.

- Hams.
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