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The guy I bought my 1987 7MGTE from installed a metal head gasket to 58lbs torque after a complete re-build, and it seems to be leakin' coolant into the oil. We worked to burp the coolant for days, but it's been going down ever since we put her back together, and the oil finally got milky with coolant last time I checked it. Luckily, I happened to be at a buddy's garage, so I changed it immediately (20w/50 was all he had, a lil' higher oil pressure, but added protection I guess) and drove it home safely, and am not going to drive it until I either re-torque the headbolts or just swap out the gasket altogether. The temperature gauge has never registered anything high, and the motor has seemed strong, though I haven't cracked 5000 RPM's since I bought it, and don't really plan on doing so in the future either.

My question is can re-torquing the stock head bolts to 70lb (for the first time) possibly save a leaking but possibly intact head gasket, or are they toast the first time anything passes through them?
Also, if the bolts are still tight, I don't think pullin' out 1/4 turn will move any more fluids than already in there, especially cold, so I'm gonna pull 'em out just a little and re-torque them to 58 one-by-one, in order of course. Then to 65 and finally to 70, all by TSRM order. Then I'll give her an oil/filter change after EIGHT FRIGGIN' MILES! Hey, if that's my only expense, I'll be thrilled! I'm hopin' that's the problem, and the head doesn't have to come out. Then again, if that's the case I'll know EVEN MORE about the Supra in another month or so...;-) Christmas contributions would be greatly appreciated.


"Sorry man, but it's gonna have to come out..."
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