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can someone with a GOOD understanding of the a340 help me?

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can someone explain to me the role of the actuators in the trans/how they work?
im talking about solenoids, 1-5.
i know solenoid 3 is what locks up the torque convertor and solenoids 4 and 5 do the line pressure/throttle pressure.
how does the ECU control the line pressure/throttle pressure signals?
what are the first 2 solenoids used for?
in MANU mode, do solenoids 4 and 5 do anything?

any help GREATLY appreciated, as im trying to swap this trans into a completely diff car..

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Solenoids 1 and 2 control shifting (1,2,3,OD). They need to receive 12v signals in a sequence.

1st gear - SOL1 - 12v SOL2-no signal
2nd gear - SOL1 - 12v SOL2 - 12v
3rd gear - SOL1 - no signal SOL2 - 12v
OD - SOL1 - no signal SOL2 - no signal
thats what i figured

my question is how would one get the trans working on a car whos ECU didnt have functionality for the solenoid-controlled line pressure and throttle pressure? (4+5)
Theres a nice writeup in the mkiv manual....

You can manually shift the tranny with the solenoid pack unplugged.
you mean with 4+5 unplugged?
ok, larry explained it to me. with 4+5 unplugged the trans will just run at max pressure.
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