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Canadian model security?

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do the 88 canadian models have factory security? is there any way to check? and modules or anything with specific numbers i can check?
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I really don't know if it was an option or not, but the 88 Owners manual says "Theft Deterent System - U.S.A. Only". There should be a Security light to the far right of the gauge cluster if you have it.
I have an american 87 with the Theft Deterent System.
The theft deterrent computer is underneath the driver's side dash somewhere.....I now have a 90 Canadian model Sup that is still in the middle of a 1JZ swap (finishing some wiring). I have heard that they did not have factory alarms, but will check mine tonight and let ya know what I see. I had planned to install an aftermarket one anyway....

I have an 88 Canada model with security.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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