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So i am in a heavy debate right now, i cant decide what front wheels to get for the supra. I had a set of classics before, i loved the. But right now im going with a 15" wheel in the back, Weld Alumastars. I want to run my ET street radial on the street but i also want a close to matching front rim with the alumastars. Here is a picture of the alumastars, i plan to powdercoat them black, and i also plan to powdercoat the new wheels black also. I have been looking at CCW's for awhile but i cant decide what would look best.

Ben Y

PS: forgot to mention, i am looking for a street tire, not a skinny, i already have a set of skinnies for my slicks, but this is for street use. I have had a few friends says do classics again and just powder coat them to match each other. Probably looking for a 275 size tire or 285 size just for the front. Not sure on rim size either...17inch, 18inch, 19inch? (ball'n)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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