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Ok first off I have a 94 TT 6spd with a 62-1 single turbo kit and stock fuel........I dont know what Im doing but Ive had a few people look at it and cant figure out why it wont stay started with the MAF unhooked.....I have a MSD 3 Bar MAP sensor part # 23121 and a GM IAT sensor......Ive clicked speed density and unchecked MAF and it still relys on the MAF to stay started....If i unhook the MAF it dies........if the MAF is hooked up and I unhookk the MAP it dies also.......Ive tried the base MAP with GM 3 bar and it dies as well. So with both plugged in the car runs fine but I cant go over 13psi without it spuddering....under 13psi is fine. Anyone know what the hell is wrong?

BTW I posted this on aempower and no help yet so maybe someone here might know....
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