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Hi guys, I'm new in this forums and I'm also not a super english man, so ill try to do my best.
I have a 240sx that I swaped a usdm 2jzgte in it with the stock turbo that have been rebuilt. Now That they are back in the car. I have a full 2x 2.5 inch exhaust, no restriction at all. Also running a boost cut controller. And im running ''true twin mode'' wich from what I have read, is Both wastegate connected togetter and get the source of turbo pressure in both.
Even with a boost controller , I can't go over 13 psi. so im running 10 psi to be realy safe to not blow something if there is only one turbo spooling...
At 10 psi the car is running way to rich 10afr and lower when wide open ( I don't want to wash my cylinder )
So any one have an idéa of what could be the source of the problem?
Thanks a lot and sorry again for my english.
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