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I think I cracked my housing for my 2nd turbo, and now I'm leaking some coolant. I was just wondering if I can just cap the coolant lines to the turbos and run on just oil. I'm not leaking any oil, so I've got something to cool the turbos.

I've got extra cartridges, but I just don't want to go through the whole removal process. I'm pretty sure it's not my water lines, since only my rear turbo is wet, and it's only wet at the bottom of the turbo.

Any thoughts guys?


BTW, I know one MKIII guy that has done this with his stock ct26. Supposedly there have been more.

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I have run many of turbos with out water lines. However With the confined space of the Stock TT twins I would prefer to run them. For a while it will not be bad. However I would not run 10,000 miles without the water lines. It will be fine to bypass it for now, then swap the housing later.

Ohh yea.. How did you crack the housing?
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