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Car acting weird

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My car has been actin weird lately. My car will only hit about .2 kg/cm^2 in first gear, but in second and third gear it'll hit full boost of 1.3kg/cm^2 but at about 4800rpms which is a little late. Also, when I drop it from 4th to 3rd and floor it, it won't hit full boost, as if the clutch was slipping, but I don't think thats the problem, although it's possible. I have to floor it at anything below 4k for the car to hit full boost. Like if I drop it from 4th to 3rd, and it's at 5k and I floor it, I'll boost about .3-.4 kg/cm^2. Also, my bov isn't quite as loud as it used to be, I've checked everywhere for boost leaks and that doesn't seem to be the problem since I can hold full boost when I hit it. Any suggestions?
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Hi tom got TTC and see if that makes a difference if so you have a problem with the egcv vsv or actuator which is a common problem it is aslo possible you have a crack in one of the vacuum hoses which control them i am currently repalcing my hoses with the hsoe technique silicon hose set and you would be surprised at the condition of the hoses ....
Try TTC, it sounds like either bad/VSV's or it might be a boost leak. If TTC doesn't fix the problem, then pressurize your intake system by capping off around the filter and putting compressed air though one of the vaccum hoses on the manifold.

Good Luck!
thanks for the info guys, i'm gonna go ttc this weekend and see what happens.
There seems to be a bunch of people with the same or similar problems surfacing. the cause of the problems is most likley in the complex system which causes the car to go into sequential mode. Check the actuator to the EGCV check the actuator to the IACV check their vacuum hoses( I recomend people with older cars replace thier vaccum hoses anyway check out ( if those check out other causes could be a bad pressure tank or bad vsv to the egcv or Iacv. Use the resource on mentioned for information on how to check the various systems I mentioned \also go TTC if the problems disapper this confirms it is one of the systems I mentioned above.
you guys were pretty much on point. i didn't evev have to switch to ttc. the vaccuum hoses were always givin me problems by blowing off under high boost, but recently, they didn't blow off, they just weren't on there tight enough. i finally found some clamps small enough to hold them and everything is fine now. i bought the last few clamps they had and had to rig the other two hoses with zip ties for now. thanks again.

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