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Car Alarm keeps going off.

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I don't know if the 94 MKIV's come from the factory with a clicker or if it is aftermarket, but I bought the car and it had a clicker to lock and unlock the doors. The same button opens and closes the door, and if you hold it the alarm goes off. I don't know why it is all the same button but it is, and I don't think it is the clicker that sets the car off because it only has like a 10 ft. range.

A couple times now I have come outside and my alarm is going off. Sometimes my doors are even unlocked(without the alarm going off) but I highly doubt someone keeps trying to break into my car.

(nothing is stolen) Any suggestions? loose wire? I have no idea but it really annoying.
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Does the clicker have a Toyota emblem on it? If so, I would assume you have the Toyota Accessory alarm. You can try resetting the ecu, it is located underneath the center console. It could be a loose wire also.
if it is aftermarket then u want to check the antenna on it and if is just a wire i would take the ground off and not use the alarm because it is resetting itself it sounds so replace the whole thing with a new one
You are really going to have to find out if it is a Toyota Factory Alarm piece or any aftermarket unit.

There was a toyota keyless entry unit that was optional but not many have it. You can search it. I believe some pictures of it are on

If it is an aftermarket unit you need to find out which type.

FYI, when I first had an aftermarket alarm it would go off when I let it sit with the battery cables on. Turns out it reads when the battery starts to get really dead. What a pain in the ass that was the first time.
yes it can see voltage drop just like any alarm weather commercial building or car
okay i just looked and the clicker does have a toyota emblem on it. now why would the same button be used to open and close the locks?
its the way some are programmed it is a one buton deal as for it goin off u might want to either disconnect it or have someone check it out
My factory alarm was a one button clicker. I hated it and got aftermarket. It may not be reading something right which my cause it to act up like that. Either have a dealership look at it (may have to be regprogrammed) or get rid of it. I suggest the latter option.
wow, it just happened again...How do I disable the alarm system?
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