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hi, so you might have see a couple of my other posts regarding JUN cams.
i finally got a chance to install them along with doing all of the other maintinance (valve seals, valve adjust, t-belt, W/P.....)
anyway, i go to start it and it would not start at all, just crank and crank. found i had a broken wire to my coolant temp sensor (2 pin). not sure if that would cause a no start but after i fixed it, it started up after just a few cranks.
now it idles fine when cold but as it warms up and the IACV starts to lower the idle the car idles lower and lower until it dies.
if i stay on the throttle it will run smooth and rev fine, just wont idle on its own.
ive checked for vac. leaks and replaced a bunch of hoses that were old.
also replaced the 2 small hoses on the tube that goes to the IACV.
did a EGR delete but have not put the resistor in as i dont have one yet but i dont see this causing this issue. its not throwing a CEL tho which i believe it should.

any ideas? i've checked everything but i feel like i need "fresh eyes".
thank you
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