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Car install price questions

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I am 17 and hate how people try to take advantage of me because im young. I work hard for my money and dont just want to throw it away just like everyone else. thinking about getting a nice quality system in my car, but dont know if this place is ripping me off. They are charging 255.55 for installation. Is that alot or not? Also, with that 85 for car installation parts. What kind of parts would they need? THey also said they can do a custom setup in the back (and they do great custom work) for 660. IS that a fair price? Last it crazy to say "ill pay in cash, can you give me a discount?" that smart, or will it make me look like a fool? thanks.
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you have to be more specific. what products are you getting? subs? amps? cd player?

figure this for a cd player (canadian dollars btw): cd player $200, wiring harness (so you can just unplug the cd player and put the stock deck back in/when you sell the car) around $16, and around $20 for a bezel around the cd player (also includes a pocket to go below the cd player, to hold CDs, etc)

for the install alone for a CD player, i would never pay more than $50, becuase all they are doing is taking off one panel (around the cd player), hooking up the harness (shouldnt take more than 15 min for a professional installer) and installing the bezel/pocket (5 min max) and then putting it all back together. should be a 30 minute job, or not much more.

if they are putting in door speakers, or subs in the back, then it starts to get expensive. they have to take the door panels off, run wire to the hatch for the amps, put in grommets at the firewall, etc. so if that $255 is for all of that, with $85 for the harness, RCA cables, and power wire for the amp, i would say its a decent deal.
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one sub, one 5 channel amp and speakers along with head unit
what kinda speakers? front/rear? size of the sub? where are you planning to mount the amp? when you say "custom", what does that mean?

also, the "pay by cash" almost always works, but only at those "mom&pop" shops. it won't work at Good Guys, Best Buy, Al & Ed's, (don't know if you have those out East), these guys have policies they stick to. ask friends where they got their sound systems, repeat customers may also bring the price down.

good luck
Install it yourself. The stuff you have listed is easy as hell to install. There's tons of websites and forums that deal with how to install car audio stuff. Its not complicated at all.
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