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Hi guys,

I'll keep the story short, I've just gone thru to bpu, powerfc, avcr, fmic, 1.2bar boost, d/p, exhaust, when i have my car tuned at a dyno, the first few runs was okay, until all of the sudden the car started to boost cut, which was fairly unlikely since it had a powerfc installed, then it started running very rich,(lot of black smoke coming from the exhaust) the a/f ratio was 9.0 : 1 , also the idle rpm is not right, keeps on dropping below 600rpm, and boost won't stay at the proper vacuum as well, anyway the mechanic told me its a fault powerfc, ??? , i said okay, left the car there for a week. he then calls back and said the car is now fixed said he sent the ecu away and one of his friend fixed it for him.

Now a month later the car went back to the exact same problem again, running very rich lots of black smoke, i've taken the car back to him again. But i thought i just ask anyone here, could it be the actual powerfc problem? or it could be any actuator or regulator faulty??

Some of my other friend tuned their cars with him as well, and said he is a pretty honest guy, so i'm just thinking if he is just shlt tuner or i just got a bad powerfc,

btw Turbo is still boosting, both 1st and 2nd , (stock twins),

any replies would be great,
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