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I am having a serious problem with my car. I changed the plugs today and gapped them to 0.030". I used ngk number 6, one step colder than stock.
I have a
t66 single turbo,
je pistons,
hks 272 cams,
greddy 4 layer intercooler,
2 fuel pumps,
upgraded fuel rail,
750cc injectors,
profec b,
and a field ecu.
I dont know where the bcc or the fuel defender is located?????????????????????????????????????

The car is fine in 1st, I start feeling problems in second from 4000-6000 rpm, and about 10psi of boost. It acts up more and more in each gear. The engine seems like it kicks back and forth and wont fire correctly, I have to let off the gas to get the blowoff from going crazy, on and off on and off, realy fast, it taps air out and the car jerks all over. I can get the car to go all the way to redline in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th with no problem by keeping the gas pedal ahead of the boost, if the boost catches me the car goes into jerking madness. In 5th and 6th the car tops out and I cant get it to go after I get to about 10 psi and about 5000-6000 rpm.
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