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Car skips and a/f spikes

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I've recently gone single and I'm tuning the car with a map ecu 2. Occasionally around 5k I get skip like my spark is being blown out. I'm running 6097's at a gap of 32. This is only at 10psi that it happens. I noticed in my logs that sometimes when this happens my a/f's spike real lean to like 15. First question would be, is it normal that a/f's might spike if spark is blown out? Second question is, do you guys think it's the spark being blown out at such a low psi. By the way the turbo is an ITS 66mm and I'm on stock fuel as of right now. I shouldn't be anywhere near maxing out the fuel system at this level of boost with this turbo. My fuel table is looking good so it's not an issue with the tune. If anything, the tune might be a little rich. Any thoughts?
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With no spark then what do you have? Just a bunch of air going through the engine. A/F sensors do nothing but read oxygen in the exhaust. Therefore, with any sort of misfire you are always going to be lean because the o2 in the cyclinders is not being burned up. Try the plugs at .026 or .028.

Makes sense. I'm gonna try gapping the plugs down this week and I'll post my results.
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