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Started after a road race. A few days later while running errands car won't start up. One week later parked it at the gym and won't start. All other starts are fine:

Engine turns
There is power
Car starts for second but won't hold idle and shut down (almost seems like an I/C pipe is out but can't tell)
When I throttle it seems like it is starving/choking and only half the car is firing or something
Resetting ECU doesnt help
Checks lines - no visible problems
No code
Turning off Turbo timer doesnt help'
acceleration is solid once started
spark plugs recently changed but have not check since road race and not bogging

Best trick to get it started - try every few minutes

Thanks in advance

WI-FI FTW, GTFO fuse box!
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MAF wiring? Look near the air filter. Also the stock pressure sensor on the upper intake mani.
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