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Car stalled , now many problems!

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Hey all, my current setup is.
BL NA-T kit, with an HKS SSQV and stock mafs with SAFC2.

The problem:
I was hot dogging in a parking lot and the car stalled out due to the VTA bov. upon trying to start the car back up, it took maybe 5-7 seconds of cranking, then idled very poorly. After a min or two of blipping the throttle, the idle steadied out , but was leaner than before. Then, i realized that my brake pedal was ROCK solid, and i had to step on them VERY hard to have very little effect. Turned the car on and off , but still the brakes remained the same. Then, once i tried boosting it went right past my set waste gate spring (hks 38 or 40mm) so my WG is now unresponsive as well. Also, when i let off the throttle, the AFR would oscillate from very rich to 18+.

I believe i flooded the engine once i had a super rich condition when the BOV let off, but how could that effect my WG or brakes? thanks.
Also, i have plenty of break fluid in the resavaiour(sp).
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Have you checked for Vaccume leaks?? and 18 is lean not rich the lower the number the richer is gets.
Yeah, i was saying rich to 18+ as in rich to lean conditions.
Found the hose which poped off, gotta love boosted cars. all fine now.
Hose going to the ECU I bet :) happened to me twice now. No more passengers
FPR line.....
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