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??? car stalling with stereo turn on loud

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My car wanted to stall today while driving home. It happened around 1k-3k rpm. This is the first time I have driven the car since I finished installing the stereo system in my car. I noticed this happened when I had the stereo on pretty loud. Is it possible that the stereo was sucking all the current from the electrical system that causes misfire or even no spark. I turned off the system and the car drive fine. I have 2 PPI amps (PCX480 and PCX1250) These amps rates over 1000W max. Thanks.
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The problem you're having is called 'voltage drop'. It's caused from your PPI amps drawing too much power from your electrical system. The reason that happens is your alternator tries to make more juice, so it turns harder...which in turn, takes away power from your engine, which makes it run at a lower RPM. I guess I'm trying to say you need a new charging system. Get a higher OP alternator, a better battery, and a 1 farad cap for each of your amps and you should be set.
I have a 1 farad cap and a new orange top Optima battery. I guess I need a high output alternator. I just want to see if anyone have ran into this prroblem before. Thanx.
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