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Car stumbles @ .2-.3 bar--HELP!!!

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Hi guys!
I've got a puzzle for you tech wizards out there. My '94 TT 6spd (73k) gets up to .2-.3 bar w/ primary(small turbo) spooling well-then when the secondary should start up ... the car starts stumbling. Car is running a bit rich according to the Toyota techs---no computer codes. No ignition probs...
My RX-7 buddy believes that it is the actuators or condensors thay are pssibly not firing off to spool up the 2nd turbo(stock twins-no boost control).
They have not opened up the intake side of the turbos yet to see if there is play/movement.:mad:
Ideas? Please don't email to say turbo upgrade time...this is my daily driver which is supposed to stay stock.
Mods on car:
HKS intake
Random Tech cat
RPS clutch/Mueller flywheel
Greddy exhaust
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It is probably a vacuum hose that goes to an actuator or VSV. Make sure you check them all.

Later, Steve
Good suggestion, Steve. Thought of that one...all hoses are sadly in place and intact. More thoughts?
You were right!!!!Toyota finally found it. I'll post it later as to what specific. A hose within a hose evidently(?). Thanks again.:D
Now I can get rid of this damn Ford Escort I've been renting for the last week!!!
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