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I am thinking about selling my 87NA and wanted to know what a decent value may be (and I am sure it is much less than the $8k I have in it - and I did most of the wrenchwork myself). This car was bought new and has never been in an accident. It has always been in Los Angeles so there is no rust and body is in mint condition. Interior, with the exception of the driver seat which needs to be recovered is in mint condition (not even any cracks in the dash).

Mods/replacements are:

- JDM engine with 15k miles (timing belt and water pump replaced)
- Replaced clutch with motor
- plugs, wires, TPS changed with motor
- new brass radiator (replaced hoses as well)
- K&N air filter
- 2.5" catback exhaust
- 2 spiralmax
- Greddy springs (lowered about 1.5")
- Tokiko struts
- Performance suspension anti-sway
- steel braided brake lines
- brembo pads
- new goodyear tires
- Alpine stereo with infinity speakers
- all new weatherstripping
- all new window trim
- new paint
- new steering rack
- new power steering pump
- new windshield
- Razo gear shift knob
- new shift boot and parking brake boot

The car runs great but I am buying a Subaru STI and don't know if I want to keep it or get rid of it. How much do you guys think this is worth (I attached a picture)

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its gonna be hard to get anywhere NEAR what you put into it, considering its an NA. if youve got receipts for it and all that noise, and its as clean as it seems, its probably $3000ish. ive seen used car dealers ask $6000 for an NA 5sp that was mint, with all the wear items serviced or replaced... basically, the way it would have rolled off the lot when it was NEW. youll find the right buyer, but its just a matter of how long will it take.

good luck w/ the sale cheif... and hope the STi thing works out for you... at least you arent getting an Evo. btw, make sure you take allthe mods off if you ever need to go in for warranty work. SOA released a TSB about aftermarket exhausts and being able to void warranties due to somethng that simple. whatever mods you do to it, make DAMN sure they are reversible and keep all the stock components!

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Thanks Flub, I was thinking that $3k would be in the ballpark. If it wasn't such a pain in the arse, I would keep the Supra and go turbo. It has been an absolutely reliable DD.

I really hate to think about getting rid of the Supra but the cost of insurance and garage space sucks. Although I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST and have had pretty good luck with it, I don't think I would ever buy another Mitsubishi due to quality concerns on the EVO and the STI is much more bullet-proof.
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