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After letting the car sit for over 3 weeks, I decided to put the old VPC chip back in and drive it around a little.

First thing I did was change the plugs...they were black as hell from running way too rich(when I put the new chip in backwards). I thought that's why the car would not idle before. I put the 3330s in, and it didn't change a thing. The car won't idle...and it sputters real bad when I try and give it revs. It has a hard time getting past 3000rpms. When I let off the throttle it will sit at 1000 for a sec. then stall. I have reset the ECU before; so I was trying to let the car re-learn. I played with the VPC idle control and messed with the AFC at 1000rpms. I cannot keep the car running unless I feather the throttle.

The car has 3/4 tank of 100 octane fuel from 76. Could the O2 be bad from being flooded with exhaust gas? Because the plugs were pitch black.

I even played with the BOV..couldn't find anything loose hoses.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Scott


Sounds like your AFC is not getting the proper signal from the VPC wire (most likely air signal). This will cause the car to run rich as hell. Either connection between VPC adn AF i not good, or VPC is not sending the correct signal out. Your O2 wont get hurt unless you repeatedly ran pure Leaded race gas.....I am not sure, but don't think 100 octane 76 is Leaded.

If you have a Service Manual, there are procedures to test O2 sensor resistance and determine if it's all within specs.
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