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hey guys,

This is the problem... Last night after i put on the exhaust wrap, I
decided to go ahead and clean the motor due to all the oil i had from
the front main seal going. I used simple green and followed the
directions. i covered my intake. Sprayed and waited two minutes and
used hose to clean it off. I had the hose set to mist and lightly
sprayed. I wiped everything off and there some spots hard to reach.
I also put my spark plug cover back on before i cleaned to prevent
the timing belt getting messed up. 10:00pm

The car started up fine afterwards and I went ahead went through a
car wash. My under-carriage has been off the car since we replaced
the oil pump. 10:15pm

@ 10.30pm I got on the car. My fiance yelled at me so i put the car
into neutral from 4th to neutral shift. The car stalled. I said no
big deal... I cranked her up and she died again. I pushed start her
and no luck. I stop the car and the car would start for a sec then
die. Next thing you know it, efi1 fuse blew. I replaced it and
drove .25 miles and it blew again. I said WTF? I replaced it again
and started the car and it idled for 10 minutes without a problem. I
start driving and it dies again. While I am on my last replacement
fuse, I start driving and never let the rpms fall uner 1500 rpm. I
held the car at 2k and powershifted to second and almost made it to
my fiance house but the car still died. 11:00pm

Lance told me to make sure all my vsv weren't wet and to get some
wd40 then compress air can and blow them dry. That made sense and I
bought fifteen 30 amp fuses and replaced and checked them. I also
checked the kick panel ones. Now the car isn't blowing any more
fuses, but the car won't start. The engine turns over and sometimes
starts for a second. I tried resetting the ECU till i was blue in
the face. I did the diagnostic and all that comes up is error 78
which is the fuel pump in 12v mod. Please help... email me at
[email protected] or call me at 5042964711.

Also I checked all intercooler pipes and vacuum hoses to my VPC. All
looks connected. I don't think any water got in there. It is hard
enough to take apart ;) I did notice 2 vacuum nipples that were open
on the manifold side. I put my hand over them while my fiance tried
to start the car without any luck. One is on the manifold underneath
the vpc pressure sensor and one is under the throttle body solenoid.
I looks like there are 2 nipples on it and only one side plugged in.

My car has the following
PHR street kit with cast manifold
vpc, afr, hks ez, phr upgraded pump, phr bypass, egr plate, greddy 3
row, sp intake, kn on iac and pcv, greddy type r bov.

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