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Here is an e-mail I received from Ian for anyone wanting to jump in last minute to go on a caravan with other supras.

"We're planning on leaving tonight sometime after traffic probably at 9pm. We can't go fast (driving project truck haha!) but we'll bring up the rear and have a few tools and such so if anyone has trouble, we'll do our best to help anyone who needs it. We are staying the Super 8 across from the air force base; it is $75 for tonight and is 3 minutes from the dyno event. Tomorrow and sunday we will join everyone at the Luxor.

We'll be heading back monday sometime. Should be a great time.


Let me know ASAP or just show up! I know this is last minute but it's something that kind of just happened since I missed the earlier caravans.

Shoot me a text or call me 310-254-0689 if you wanna join up.

Meet point: 8:00pm - 8:30pm
FSR Motorsport Creations
5512 Arrow Hwy Unit D
Montclair, Ca 91763

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