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Well since cassio has been banned from the likes of SF here
is a little update of his progress that can be seen on a certain other supra site :sadance:

Copy/paste from said maniacle site:

Well Just wrapped up a fun-filled two days.

Currently have the engine on the stand to assemble the rest of the engine
before it is re-inserted into the engine bay.

The recipient:

The engine (* DO NOT BUY A VECCO Manifold!!!!)

had to drill out all of the stud holes, and grind down one stud.
Also had to chop off the wastegate tube :icon_evil

Custom pre 89 mounts:

A nice "dirty" test fit:

So far took everything back out and reassymbling the engine on the stand.
Pressurewashed and detailed bay.

Fabbing up custom lines for the hydro fan and misc other things.

Turbo installation (oil feed, return, exhaust, WG plumbing)
Redo IC pipes from my 7M FFI pipes
Redo Brake system
Install new rear subframe
Wiring :)

Should be done within the next 2 weeks (x my fingers)


Round 2

minor update,

Well as many people that do this swap change the fron x-member. I went with one-off custom brackets and decided to change my rear x-member (subframe)

My old 87 sub frame was cracked and i found a mint 89 frame to replace it with. Also decided to replace teh fuel filter again :)


re-installed thanks bryant! no idea we would damn near die.... finished later than we wanted to... on a school night too!

Dropping engine back in this friday to check some clearances, then saturday going for final mockup and install...

wiring to start Monday!!!

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Hey Cas, 2jzMKIII, and Bucs....

I hope to see you all at TX2K7.... Florida crew's been representin' the last couple of years and I'm sure you'd get to roll in that caravan.

Awesome job Ian!! Keep it up. Kinda stagnant on mine this week, but I haven't checked the driveshaft stats yet... if that's done, we may be able to wire it up and get it goin' this weekend!!!!

Did ya see my wiring pics? I'll get you some better ones this weekend....


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tissimo said:
you have a spare turbo lsd? :) im looking for a 391
That guy Brad I told you about I think has a 391... if you don't have his number still, give me a call or let me know and I'll get you his number again.

Sorry didn't mean to hijack the thread, so I'll say nice to see another 2JZ swap!

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SupraSpeed-1jz said:
quick question. how many bolts is there to remove the rear sub frame, mines cracked and just wanna get a feel for how long im gonna be at a junk yard hahaha
You will be removing 4 Nuts and 2 long bolts, but you will also need to remove the calipers (12mm socket) Strut mount on spindle 4 more 12mm bolts. then all the rest of the suspension stuff.

i suggest you take a friend with you.

also i do not have a spare LSD sorry,
tonight i will be throwing the motor back in for exhaust mock^s and then moving over to the intake side.

hope to start wiring as soon as I can, most likely monday..... so far things are going good... just ordered the last few stock parts and now i will see what else needs to be fabbed

Custom PS line, redo IC piping from FFI project, rivet the mkiv rad. shroud to work for my puny 7M radiator... etc.

will have more pics tomorrow & sunday.

also, thanks for the compliments :chicken:


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June 24 update

well took two steps forward and 3 back this weekend

t3 with t4>t3 adapter did not clear hood, so selling the turbo cheap to help fund a gt35

took out the butterfly fot the TRC

ground off trc bulbus mass and had some aluminum welded in the holes

finished a bit more, but the turbo was a kick in the nuts,

so now time to start fundning for the gt35


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welcome to the "faster side" brother. :bigthumb:

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ahhhhh yes...... hell yea man keep us posted. I just got an 89 body and im gonna swap all my 7M stuff into it and then planning on going Aristo 2J swap in the future. Send me a PM and let me know how much you got it for and where you got it from. take it easy man and post more pics!!!!

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Wow that’s awesome I didn’t know cassio was going 2jz! :)

Also why was Cassio banned? Okay I hate to bring this up but I cannot find any clear evidence why the admin would ban him! fucken politics....

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SlimFastSupra said:
ebay turbo?
Yes, unfortunately with the large t4>t3 adapter it did not fit... although i have found slimmer adapters, but i am comitted to the gt3582r now so i am going that route.

if anyone wants it selling it for 200$ shipped to any SF member.

...oh yea politics :1poke:


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