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Caster/Camber kit??

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I just had my alignment done a couple of weeks ago and I was told that my caster or camber (can't remember which one) was ajusted to the max and I need a kit to keep the tires from wearing on the insides. (on the front tires of coarse)
I have an eibach drop and 18" Racing harts with 255/35/18 in the front. Does anyone else have this problem or a kit?? How much is it?
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i dont know of any made. as far as ive heard the supra has fully adjustable caster/camber, which eliminates the need for a kit.
The Supra does not have a strut front suspension and therefore a caster/camber kit would have no effect. If the shop you took it to didn't know any better, I would take somewhere else very quickly.

Later, Steve
I have the Eibachs on mine and it has plenty of alignment adjustment... I think the people at the shop didn't know what they were talking about. They Supra has an extremely adjustable setup from the factory and that's why there are no alignment kits for it.
thanks a lot for the info everybody. :D I'll have to take it somewhere else.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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