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CatBack Survey?

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hi, guys, which one of the brand is your favorite for the Catback, the Loudest and best performance??? Greddy/HKS/Apex and etc...??
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Greddy kicks ass,...sounds great and looks even better. cheaper than HKS dragger.
Apex, loud, huge pipe/great flow. Cant beat it with a stick.
There is a reason generally that Greddy exhaust is cheaper than HKS... It isn't as good. It may be better bang for the buck, but the construction is not as good.

The HKS Ti gets my vote, although it is quite expensive. If you wanted high quality and a low price then the APEXi exhausts are tought to beat (N1 or Gt Spec).

Just my opinion. :)

I've got an N1. Cheap, very straight design and sounds decent. Only downside is the piping isn't stainless.
If cost is no object, HKS Ti is king!

I have an Apex N1 but don't really like it...liked my old Blitz Nur Spec much better.
I've so far been very happy with my racing medalion. Its got good solid construction, a wide pipe, no restriction, and a nice deep throaty sound. It looks pretty trick too. :)
I'll put another vote in for the Tanabe RM. It kicks ass. Nice throaty sound down low and then all hell breaks loose when the boost kicks in...maybe the T88 helps :)
BTW, I had a GReddy SP and it was nice, but it can't hold a candle to the impression the RM makes when it's let loose.
'94 T88
i like the sound of either the Ti, racing medalion, or the gt-spec. all sound great. the Ti and racing medalion are prolly the loudest of the 3 but the gt-spec still sounds sweet and is constructed very well.
does anyone have a sound clip of the racing maedalion and/or the hks ti?? i hear alot of ppl claiming how cool it sounds but i have yet to hear one in real life. btw, the n-1 sounds pretty good,allthough it would look much much better if it was stainless steel.
My favorite is the HKS Super Drager. I just bought my 2nd Drager a couple days ago, and I love it! :D

BPU sound with the drager:

Single turbo sound with the drager:

What are your thoughts on the new-style TRD exhaust?
I have a video of my supra doin a fly by with a downpipe and an HKS Ti on Stock twins. If you'd like to hear it, I can email it to ya.
TANABE RM! get lots of compliments! is loud and throaty, but not "ricey" ;)
I can't believe no one mentioned RSR. There N1 style pipe is louder the the Drager and looks sweet. As for quality, I've had mine for 2 years with no flaws in the stainless. Plus they come with band clamp style fittings not bolts for smoother flow. My bud has one on his 97 Supra and it sounds very nice.

hey slowskyline, they stopped importing RS*R exhausts to america, hey, have you heard of the titan exhaust?
update from my post, ive got the tanabe RM now, i like it the best :)
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