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Center Allen Bolt stripped in Targa? What now?

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The Center Allen Bolt is stripped in my Targa top? What now, How do I fix this and whats the cheapest way.
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i think your screwed.

Have you had a Wendy's double bacon burger?
it might help
Contact Jeff Watson @ Jay Marks Toyota and he''l hook u up with a new assembly for the middle bolt, it shouldn't be hard to replace.
My center allen bolt is stripped also. I now use a larger allen wrench (1/4) to slide the center bolt. But I will be replacing it this winter. Like the post said call Jay Marks Toyota ask to speak with Jeff Watson 1-800-327-2087 for all your factory parts needs.

David B
You need to take off the headlining of the Targa roof and replace the whole center locking section that includes the stripped bolt. I paid (in Europe) around $60 for this part.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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