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Hey guys,

Forgive me if this has been discussed before, I haven't been able to find the thread if it has. I'm on the prowl for an MKIV right now and I'm trying to remember any significant differences across model years. In a past life I knew everything about the vehicle... but couldn't afford one.

I assume that the '96-'98s are OBD-II and the '93.5-'95s are OBD-I. I also know that there are a few cosmetic differences across the years [the '98 3-spoke steering wheel, the headlight/taillight/steering wheel/bumper changes in '97, etcetera]. There's the Getrag V160 to V161 tranny difference, but I can't remember if that was a model year or market change... and if there are actually any differences between the two. There was the lack of a manual transmission in '96, the lack of a CA model '98 and some other seemingly arbitrary differences over the years as well.

Can you guys think of anything significant that I forgot? Now that most of the cars I can find/afford are in the 60-120,000 mile range, I'd love to make sure I'm not getting the "totally sucked" model year. ;)


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Look for 93-95s if your looking for a 6spd TT hardtop. Black housing headlights and different tailights from 97-98s. OBDI has alot of lean spots compared to OBDII. Also if memory serves, the V161s are off of jspec cars. There shouldnt be any difference in that and the V160 either except the gear ratios. 93-95 shifters for V160, is shorter than the 97-98s. I can't really remember anything else at this point, but watch out for the valve stem seals in the older cars. Like RogueSupra mentioned, you do know more than you think. Good luck with your search :)
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