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Changing diff gasket

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My rear diff gasket is leaking... it could have no fluid left. I am changint he whole gasket. I was wondering what work is involved in changing this. My dad looked briefly and stated I'd have to drop the whole rear end possibly....... This isnt' true is it?! Plus..... does anyone know of what torque for the bolts?
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Okay okay i guess that question was difficult...... how about this... does anyone know what size of an allen wrench it is to check the fluid in your rear diff?
10 milimeter, i just changed my differential fluids a few minutes ago. that's odd that you mentioned about the gasket because when my brother blew the back plate off(is that what your talking about?), i didn't see any gasket, just silicone. looks like you will have to drop it to access all the bolts on the plate. the diff is not light so don't expect you'll be able to toss it around.

cool i just found that out myself 10 mm...when i checked it my finger only went down 1/4 inch before hitting liquid. even though it looks like it's been leaking...... it's not bad at all. I am thinking of checking it periodically. But we however do see a gasket on it......
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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