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Changing Fuel Filter, how?

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How do I go about changing the fuel filter in my car. I dont know where its at or how to get to it. Help. Thanks.
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Its right underneath your car in front of the gs tank. Its pretty much mounted to the underside of frame/body, right in the middle. You can follow the fuel lines from next to your trans back to it. Its a black cyllindrical lookin thing and its pretty big.

Hope that helps. :D

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Its a pain in the ass to reach. If you happen to also be installing a fuel pump any time soon, wait to do the fuel filter then. With the tank dropped it's abit easier to get at.

btw i did search but nothin came up
Hey Fryd...

Follow the steps in Interex's tech-tip, but here's another one to add....

When you uncap the gas tank, also remove the EFI fuse at the junction box by the battery. Now, with the fuse out, try to start the car a few times. It will not start!!! Leave the fuse out, until you are done replacing/tightening the new filter on.

By turning the engine over, you are essentially using up the fuel that's still in the line. When you loosen the old filter, you will not get as wet (or spill as much) gas.

If you end up having to spend extra time laying in that spot, you will not have to be as soaked in gas ('causing skin/eye irritation).

Sometimes the replacement does not go as easy as the pics show. I had a case where even after using the new washers, mine would still leak (maybe the bolt was cross-threaded). Either way, it kept leaking, so I had to put teflon tape on it, which is very difficult when it keeps getting wet with drops of fuel.

Anyway, just plan that you may need extra time for unplanned circumstances. Good luck!!
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word. get flare wrenches....otherwise you'll probably turn off the fittings and really be up a creek....
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