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It may be a little delayed, had a big project to get out the door last week, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less appreciative to everyone who showed interest and participated in the Spring 2005 Food Lion AutoFair held 7-10 April at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC. The AutoFair is one of, if not THE largest, car shows in the country. This year was no different. Over 50 local car clubs participated along with thousands of individual car owners coming from all over the country to show off their rides. 3,500+ cars and 10,000+ vendors.

First, a big THANK YOU goes to all who participated. I would also like to thank the Carolina Z club for their pointers along the way.

This was the inaugural AutoFair for Supra participation. The quantity of participants was a few shy of that anticipated but that was made up in quality. We had a good selection of cars from the MKII, MKIII and MKIV classes. Also, we couldn’t have asked for two better days! Perfect for a car show. Saturday started off a little cool a breezy but quickly climbed to the low 70’s and sunny with a cloud nowhere to be seen. Sunday was just a spectacular, mid 70’s and nothing but sun.

Our location for Saturday display was on the mezzanine/pavilion level around the exterior of the speedway. Near an entrance and located within close proximity to one of the main entrances, we saw a fairly decent crowd of car enthusiasts ogling the Supras. On more than a few occasions I overheard people excitement to see Supras rather than more and more Vette’s and Mustangs. It’s fair to say that the Supras were welcomed and well accepted.

Sunday we moved inside the track along pit road. Our location was in the grass and greatly appreciated rather than hot asphalt. Our immediate neighbors on Sunday were the Carolina Z club, a Vette club and about 300 Porsche’s.

Saturday’s participants included:
MKII CelicaSupras
* Roger Wagoner and his extremely clean SDR (Super Deep Red) MKII. A repaint from a few months back and some other recent work has really brought out the beauty in the car and the color. Stock for now but he has plans.
* Father/daughter MKII owners, Brendan English and Nicola English. What began as a father’s hobby also drew the interest of his daughter. Their MKII’s, painted in 80’s era rally car style, also conveyed a relation theme. Brendan’s used a red/white paint scheme and Nicola’s carries a blue/silver scheme. Editor’s note: It’s great to see such a good father/daughter relationship. Too many times you see teen girls who won’t even talk to their dad or parents much less find a common interest and hobbies.

MKIII Supras
* Chris Tim showed in his red, MKIII turbo. In my opinion, red on a MKIII always brings out the best in that generation. Chris’ car was a good example of what the MKIII has to offer and the red made it a true standout.
* Mitchell Crist arrived in his white, 1JZ twin turbo transplant. A quick trip thru the car wash cleaned it up well. Seeing the 1JZ transplant in person is a great deal better than just hearing about it on the net. Mitch is also able to claim the only 1JZ MKIII in North Carolina.

MKIV Supra
* Greg Luzius brought his extremely low miles red NA. I believe he said it’s somewhere around 18,000 miles now. One time wingless, he recently installed a stock wing. Greg also proved that, yes, the back seat CAN be used to transport people to the AutoFair.
* Jody Childress arrived with his, I believe, recently repainted, custom black NA. The color is a mild metallic finish that brings out the curves of the car. He and I spent a few moments together on more than one occasion wiping bird crap off our black cars to avoid any sort of acid burn.
* Kendall (I never got your last name) was a last minute addition to the show making the decision to attend on Friday. His pearl white MKIV was a needed balance to the otherwise dark color heavy MKIV area. Along with the color difference his car was sporting a body kit and going wingless.
* Johnnie K. was actually double dipping at the AutoFair. He had his 300ZX on display with the Carolina Z club then ran home to pick up his black, single turbo MKIV. Standard black on the outside but under the hood screamed something all together different.
* I, Scott Hamons, came to the show with my ’93 black, TT, hardtop.

Sunday had a return of many Saturday attendees plus the addition of two.
* Harry Chilcot returned from vacation just in time to give his MKIV a quick cleaning and make it to the show. Running a single turbo he’s about to bring even more life to the black exterior through an extensive detail.
* Jason Cole made it out to another Supra show driving his red MKIV TT. Breaking out the cleaning products shortly after parking, the red paint was a gleaming contrast against the green grass.

Along with all the events to watch at the AutoFair, cars to see, vendors to support, corndogs to eat, girls to watch and some celebrities to point at, there was even more. The AutoFair provided trophies to all car clubs who participated. Since our club showed both days and most people were attending we held our judging on Saturday. The Carolina Z club had asked the Supra club to be judges for their cars and in return, I asked if they would be kind enough to be the judges for our club. It was no celebrity judging but they did a thorough job of closely looking over all the cars, conversing and making impartial judgments for the winners. …….And the winners are………

Best of Show (People’s Choice Award): Johnnie K.
Best in Class-MKII: Nicola English
Best in Class-MKIII: Chris Tim
Best in Class-MKIV: Greg Luzius
Cleanest Ride (detailing or build): Jody Childress

Congratulations to each of them. Personally, I think Food Lion provided some very nice trophies. Walnut colored wood plaques, about 4 x 12 inches tall with a base for standing. Engraved on the wood was the AutoFair logo and a couple of cars. Much nicer than a traditional gold, plastic car on top of a post and fake marble base.

All in all I was pleased with our first meet at the AutoFair. I think it’s fair to say that everyone who attended had a good time either with the entire event, meeting Supra owners or meeting members of the other clubs nearby. I know I had a fun weekend seeing friends and making some new ones. I hope to do this again at the fall AutoFair if not next Spring. With the positive response of people looking at our cars, the event coordinators, communication from those who attended and thru the web I believe participation will continue to grow.

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Nice writeup man. Mabye this time next year I will have something to contribute. I suppose i'll have to come by and introduce myself at the next one. I walked right behind you and was going to but you were speaking to someone.

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Great job Scott. I can't tell u how much I appreciate you setting this all up. I had a great time and plan in the future to come to the rest.

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:bigok: to Scott for getting this together. This was a great event and a fun time for me and I'm sure for everyone else involved. Hope to do this again at a future show and I hope we can get more people involved.
Thanks again Scott and to everyone else that participated!!!

Sidenote: BARTON'S CAR IS SICK :bigthumb:

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