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I am going to keep an updated list whenever i find something i want to add.

Airconditioning setup from a MX73 cressida. If you have a need LMK i'm cleaning up and giving stuff away.

The MX73 AC setup was R143a. has the piping, condenser rad, round canister Some of the parts could be used to convert a supra to R143a but no gurantee.

-Complete cressida ac system minus compressor (R143 & r12 compatible) free
-7M A/C fan belt brand new $20
-7M ac pump (works) $25
-7M ac bracket & idler $25
-5M ac bracket (free)
-7M ac pipe (free)
-7M ac pipe w/ pressure sensors (free)
-7MGTE OEM intercooler (dent in bottom) $15 obo

-STOCK 7MGTE downpipe w/ OEM cat#1 $30
-W50,55,58 5 speed (not sure which one it is) It works, but whines and 5th is hard to get in. will come with Slave cyl, flywheel and clutch $40

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-TWO 7MGTE pressure plates used (Best offer)
-2 used 7MGTE disks basically not useable (Free)


-7MGTE 6 OEM 440 Injectors used not cleaned/flowed C/W OEM clips $60
-7M Alternator adjuster bracket. Powdercoated black $10
-7MGTE (6) OEM Pistons on rods good condition. $40
-7MGTE Oil filter 90 fegree adapter for oil cooler setup. (CLEANED) $20
-7MGTE coolant tube (wraps arround block from water pump under turbo) $15
-7M/5M Kinge Bearings Rod & Main .25 over $25 Rods / $25 Mains


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Update. I am adding

Complete shortblock 7MGTE (NO CRANK) This block has oil squirters. This block is complete other than missing crank and missing head. has some brackets still on it. Comes with front timing covers, water pump and rear main seal housing. (No Oil pan). The cylenders are very good condition. Still can see crosshatch. This block would be great for a honing if they are not out of round. I have all 6 Turbo pistons, rings and rods which came from this block. (oh yea it is in pieces already except for some odd brackets on the outside) $50

I have also another set of 6 turbo pistons on rods & used rings. $??

I have a complete 5MGE short block minus pan and misc things. You could take the 5M crank & rods, hang 7MGTE pistons on the 5M rods used with the 5M crank in the 7MGTE block i have you should have all the parts needed (except a 7M head) to make a short stroke 7MGTE $50

I have a 5MGE cyl head mostly complete, but consider it missing pieces which cores dont come with. It should be in useable condition just check the deck or skimm it for a new gasket. $50
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