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Hello All

As I’m living in Denmark it is rather hard/expensive to find performance parts for the Supra. During the continuous flow of modifications to my car(will they ever stop!) I was in the need of a good performing IC with hard pipes. When looking at the market I realized that there was not that many brands making a full hard pipe kit for our cars and I could not find a single kit that routed the pipe from IC to TB via the hole in front of the air filter. Therefore I decided to make my own set-up.
As there were a few members in the Danish Supra club (SONID-Supra Owners Network In Denmark-more than 100 members and growing) that was interested, I decided to initially make 4 kits.
The piping is 2½” SS going all the way from turbo to TB, eliminating the “3000” pipe. It was a rather big puzzle to make the bends sit in the right position before Tig welding but I believe that I succeeded rather well :)
Finding a top to bottom IC element in Europe was not a easy task but a Dutch company who is making the IC for the new Porsche 959 GT, was willing to sell some raw elements to my specifications and then it was only a matter of designing some end-tanks. Finally a new IC kit for my car was born. In the design of the IC I got a lot of good ideas from this great resource site: DESTRUCTION !%20!%20!%20!

As HKS only sells flanges in mild steel and aluminium, I had to have some flanges custom CNC made in SS in order to use my SSQV – I think it turned out rather nice. All the flanges for connection of IC piping are CNC machined out as well.

Here is a roughly list of materials used:
- IC element, 23.6” x 11.2” x 3” (L x H x W)
- 0.2” Alu plate for end tanks
- 2 x 90 deg. Alu 2½” pipe for end tanks
- 2 x 2½” Alu flanges for silicone pipe couplers
- 4 x 90 deg. SS 2½” pipe
- 2 x 30 deg. SS 2½” pipe
- 1 x 45 deg. SS 2½” pipe
- 5 x 2½” SS flanges for silicone pipe couplers
- 1 x 2” SS flanges for silicone pipe couplers (to turbo outlet)
- 1 x SS flange for HKS SSQV
- Hose clamps
- Silicone couplers
- Rubber fasteners for IC/oil-cooler
- Lots of other minor things

The kit now sits like the OEM IC and the hard pipe routing is prepared for a bigger turbo (sitting higher). All piping is Tig welded and after welding it has been polished to a mirror finish and it now look like a “one-piece” pipe.
After completion of the prototype, I have made a welding set-up so I can easily produce as many hard pipe kits as I want in the future :)

I have access to a rather advanced test centre and intend to do some comparing tests of the OEM IC and the new set-up. The tests will be when the IC is mounted on the car and it includes pressure drop, flow capacity, cooling efficiency and calculating K-value. I will post those figures when the test is completed.

Total cost for everything mounted on the car is about 1250$, not a bad prize for a complete IC kit.
I have included a few pictures of the set-up and if interested, you can see more pictures at:

Good luck with your new IC kit :))


I know a quite a few guys have made custom ic piping from tubing, I intend to soon. But yours is easily one of the best jobs I've seen.

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Amazing job Karsten... I wish I could find a shop around here that could produce quality work like that.
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