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Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to the forums as I just purchased my first Supra… a '97 twin turbo 6 speed with 37k original miles bone stock. I am going BPU with it and have been using Titan Motorsports to order my parts since they have a great reputation.

The point of this thread is to shed some light on the awesome customer service that I have been receiving from Chris. Chris has been helping me out with everything that I need and has been going above and beyond to answer all of my questions. He has also been keeping me updated on parts that are backordered and has given me additional options if I did not want to wait for said backordered parts. I am more than pleased with Titan Motorsports and all the credit goes to Chris. If you are considering ordering your parts through them please do. If this isn't enough feedback for you to make your decision, do a quick search and see who else is talking about them. So far my experience has been extremely positive and I don't see that changing any time soon.

Chris if you are reading this I would like to personally say thank you for everything you have helped me with!

- Mike W.
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