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Classic MK3 Owners

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Oh Man! my friend just sent me these pics that are about from a month ago...i had completely forgotten he had taken pics....

anways about a month ago an oil line blew in my engine bay and caused a slight engine fire.....obviously i pulled a few supra friends to come out and help me out...bring me tools i didnt have and get some opinions.... we basically took it apart and tried to fix it right there on the road....we could have gotten it running but i didnt have much oil left i ended up towing it home....thanks AAA :D

neways i just thought this was the epitome of a mk3 owner.... fixing it on the side of I-75. major highway for those who dont know ;) oh the one pimpin the star shorts :cool:

heres the results of fire! :doh:

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It wouldn't be an official Supra cruise if you didn't have to pull over at least once. Glad she's okay.
Reminds me of a meet some time ago Upstate. There was a Jersey guy who got lost, he was in the mid-to-back somewhere. Anyways, what happened was that his alternator blew on him. Being an experienced Supra owner, he carried tools with him. Found a parts store nearby, got an alternator, changed it on the road, and met up later. Forgot who it was...
lol, almost every other BAS meet is like that, weather its pulling a 7mgte, or fixing a water pump in the rain on the side of the road, its always like that when you own a supra... aight peace :chicken: said:
It wouldn't be an official Supra cruise if you didn't have to pull over at least once. Glad she's okay.
U need someone else to work on your car i think.;)
my girl has never though of quiting yet! knock on wood.
nice one jayson...i had to replace my starter in the parking lot of movie gallery once.

the car started fine...went to movie gallery, came out, went to car, bitch cranked once and then just clicked. after checking everything, starter was my lil bitch.

called my friends, whipped out the tools and new starter and did my business in the parking lot.

good times.
where on i-75 were you... i live right off of it... ohh yeah.. i forgot.. i-75 goes from northern michigan to southern florida... hehe
im on exit 247??? they keep changing the damn things...

agent 89 you coming to the big supra meet in clearwater on the 6th? you arent too far....
I've been in tons of on-the-spot MK3 repairs. My favorite was when my friend James (88targarose) and I were cruising in his red '88T, we pulled up to a red light, and suddenly steam billowed out from under the hood:
James: "ummm Jeff, this is bad"
*White '89NA passes us on the left, as steam pours out from under James's hood*
Me: "this is embarrassing"

We pulled it off the road into a church parking lot and found that the upper coolant line to the turbo had literally exploded. (I told James to replace that thing months previously ;) )

I got the premonition to call a certain friend, and he was literally in autozone the minute I called him late on this friday night. So he came to the rescue with some new coolant hose. James already had all of his tools +2 gallons of coolant + 4 new hose clamps. Damn we're supra owners. lol.
When I had mine my glove compartment was nothing but tools :lol:

it never seemed to break down away from the house though, it always broke down near the house... I used to drive it 100 miles a day almost going to and from out of town and no problems on any of the trips
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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