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Cleaning engine bay: some Rewiring

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I want to clean up the engine bay and was wondering if anyone has done this be doing some rewiring. In the picture, I was wondering what these two units are, labled 1 and 2:
I want to hide these in/under the fender. Unit #1 seems like it can get hot, hence why it has a grill guard. Where would u relocate this unit anyways if you were to put on a strut bar? And would it have any problems under the fender?
The top highlighted yellow wire is to the Units 1 and 2 and would just be under the fender.
The bottom highlighted yellow, which splits into two, can be rerouted into the fender and out from behind the headlight.
The red highlighted wire is just the alarm horn.
So all these wires could be rerouted under the brake master cylinder into the fender( which there is already a big hole).
What do you guys think?
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that's your resistor box and ignitor... wherever you decide to hide it, just keep them away from water obviously.
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