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cleaning out garage!

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ok guys, im cleaning out the garage, and i have a bunch of parts that i awnt to get rid of, if anybody needs anything please feel free to let me know.. i posted in this area because im hoping to sell them local so that i dont have to ship them, but i will if someone needs me to, all the parts i have are in good working order as well.. most parts are off of the 89+ NA motor unless otherwise written.. take a look, thanks guys

2 a/c compressors with brackets (one from NA, one from GTE)
Power Steering reservoir
Intake manifold (lowers and uppers)
throttle body, linkage, tps, etc
exhaust manifold (headers and lower pipe to cat)- SOLD
valve covers
most harness clips
Slave Cylinder and lines
drive shaft
stock intake box and all hosing
water pump
Head (GTE)
upper timing cover (GTE)
power steering pump
front stock orange indicators (with the bulbs in them)
pressure plate

im sure i have some otehr things too that ive just forgot to put in, if you need anything, especially from the NA motor, please let meknow, and ill see if i have it
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