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Ebay wastegate brand new w gaskets 80$

Ebay Turbo 60ar cold 1.05 hotside brand new 250$

Upper IC pipe crushbent 2 1/2" ID with DSM BOV used on last setup worked great 70$

K&N Drop ins 15$ each

Turbo fan red in color with clutch 25$
NA fan with clutch 50$

NA AFM 30$
NA AFM with pipe 40$

440cc injectors SOLD

APEXI STYLE 4" filter 25$

Stock shifter 15$

Starter 30$

Lower Speedo cable turbo 20$

Cut Sogi shifter 10$

Ignitor grey plug 20$

Cold start injector 89 engine 15$
Idle control valve out of an 89 turbo 15$
working CPS grey plug no cover SOLD

All prices DONOT include shipping but i will make shure u get the best rate at shipping i have a friend that works at ups that can ensure that most things will be on the cheeper side.

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just an FYI to help you out...those lower speedo cables are like $35 bucks BRAND might want to adjust your price ;)
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