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clear rear side marker lenses for mk3

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Does anyone know where to get clear rear side marker lenses for a mk3 for any better than $50? i found em' on for $50 a pair, just wondering if someone knows of another source for them.

does anyone make clear FRont marker lenses for the mk3?
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I couldn't find the place I got mine from, it was on ebay and there aren't any there right now, but this place has em for $40

No one currently makes the front side indicators in clear, Marcy's in Japan used to, but is stopping because of demand issues. Just wait for them to be on ebay, I got mine for $29.99
is there a difference between the 88 and 89 rear side marker lenses? will the ones from an 89 fit 88 side molding?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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